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Antonio Antonopoulos

Antonio Antonopoulos
Social Media:
From: Toronto, Canada
Company: Isla Power Inc. and REngenuity Inc.
  • Electrical Engineering @ University of Toronto [Canada]
  • European Master in Renewable Energy @ Universität Oldenburg and Universität Kassel [Germany]
Speaks: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and German.
French only at an embarrassing level.
Some Noteworthy Projects:
  • Master Plan of Masdar City (Abu Dhabi) – world’s first 100% renewable energy city
  • 130 MWp Grand Renewable Solar – largest solar PV system in  Canada
Keen Interests:
  • Solar PV
  • Distributed generation
  • Off-grid and island systems
  • Urban sustainability
  • Business model innovation in the energy space

Creator & Editor

I’ve been involved in the renewable energy field for over a decade, with work crossing the entire spectrum: project development, finance, planning, policy, engineering and management. Most recently my focus has been on solar energy project development and finance.

To read more specific details on my professional experience and projects, please visit the website of the renewable energy development company I co-founded, Isla Power Inc., as well as my consulting company, REngenuity Inc. You can read more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

But my passion for renewable energy, sustainability and climate change started back in university, and it has since led me around the world: from moving to Germany to study, to working on renewable energy projects in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, USA, the Caribbean and beyond.

What drives me is that renewable energy can make multiple positive impacts on peoples lives. From taking control of your energy supply by generating locally, to reducing greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change, to creating economic development opportunities for the over one billion people without access to electricity.

Part of what I also love about my work is the opportunity to travel and spend significant amount of time learning about and interacting with different cultures. And even learning a new language or two!

But the impact that renewable energy can have on socio-economic development is particularly important. A lot of my work recently has shifted back to islands, which is where solar and wind energy can make the largest impact in lowering costs because of most islands depending on burning diesel to produce electricity.

Distributed generation is also incredibly disruptive to many traditional electricity business models, so this is an exciting time to be active in the electricity industry!

So I decided to start this blog as an extension of the work I do and the public speaking I already take part in. I hope you find the site interesting and engaging, and I look forward to your comments!