Canada: From Climate Pariah to Climate Champion?

Flag of Canada

In a breath of (literal) fresh air, the new Canadian government considers climate change a serious global problem and wants to play a leading role addressing it! This is an almost complete reversal from the previous government. Can Canada polish its tarnished global image and become a leader again?

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UN Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Forum 2015

United Nations Headquarters

The 2015 UN SE4All Forum brought together government bodies, international organizations, NGOs, corporations, and citizen groups from around the world. Read my overview of the highlights here.

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Energy Myths Exposed: Renewables do NOT increase emissions

Clouds, natural and otherwise Clouds of steam from Eggborough Power Station rise to merge with an overcast wet sky.

Variable renewable energy sources like solar and wind need to be backed up one-to-one for when the wind doesn't blow or sun doesn't shine, so they end up increasing emissions from natural gas -- or so that is what many energy professionals believe. Here I expose this as pure mythology.

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Interview on Financing Small-Scale Renewables at RELACCX

An interview on the difficulties and solutions for financing small-scale renewable energy projects from the recent RELACCX (Renewable Energy in Latin American and the Caribbean Conference and Exhibition) in Puerto Rico.

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“The Future is Now”: World Bank on Renewable Energy

A new World Bank report makes clear that renewable energy can integrate reliably and economically into the electricity grid. Click to read the very first New Energy Nation post!

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