Disruption. Revolution. Independence. Energy Democracy.

All of the above is taking place right now because of renewable energy, and this blog has been created to spur thought-provoking discussion and action on renewable energy and climate change.

The disruption is being caused by distributed generation like solar and wind, which allows people the world over to take control of their own energy supply and economically power individual homes and communities locally — sustainably without carbon emissions, health risks, or any potential for dangerous accidents.

It is literally “power to the people”: a nation of new energy consumers, producers and prosumers.

Very exciting times for energy!

Themes and Focus

I created this blog to examine the economic, political, technological, and financing issues surrounding:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy storage
  • Distributed generation, microgrids and island systems
  • Climate change & fossil fuels
  • Sustainability

The scope is global. For example, I will be discussing my work internationally like on island nations.


As you can surmise from the revolutionary-inspired logo, this site is not meant to be staid and uncontroversial!

There will be critical commentary, along with the occasional rant, humour and some boat-rocking. And maybe even some of my offbeat stories on energy from around the world will make it in!

Let’s say that “gr*d disturbers” are at the heart of what New Energy Nation is about!

Who is this blog for?

  • energy professionals
  • investors and financiers
  • sustainability professionals
  • ordinary citizens that are interested in renewable energy and/or are concerned about climate change and our society’s excessive reliance on fossil fuels

Who is behind this?

My name is Antonio Antonopoulos, and I run REngenuity, a consultancy focused on renewable energy projects and finance. You can read more about me in the Author section. I hope to change this to “Authors” by recruiting some of you to join me and become contributors!

Happy reading!